Enya’s Judgment

The final installment of the Enya Trilogy brings war, peace, and end of life as Enya, Aiden, and the world know it.
War is now inevitable. The word is out that fairies exist, and Viktor has placed himself at the head of the human forces, manipulating them and convincing them that the fairies intend to take over their world. A new prejudice arises as people mindlessly believe what they are told without proof.
Now, Aiden, who is hiding in Enya’s apartment to avoid Viktor and protect his family, must decide if he will side with the fairies who have done nothing wrong, or remain loyal to his own species. Strange thoughts distort Aiden’s perception of the fairies, and he begins to wonder just how innocent Enya and her kind really are.
To settle Aiden’s confusion, Sage steps in, and when Enya is captured by Viktor asks Aiden to allow Enya a very awkward favor: to share his consciousness in order to help the fairies free Viktor’s other slaves. Aiden and Enya agree to coexist until Enya can be freed, but something goes wrong. Before she can escape, Viktor links Enya’s final life to his own so the fairies are caught in a stalemate. Now Enya and her companions must find a way to stop Viktor without killing Enya.

Published 2008

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