Enya’s Shadow

With his father safely returned, Aiden has begun focusing on the other void in his life: his mother. He cannot conceive that such a woman would resort to suicide, and a cryptic message does nothing to lessen his curiosity. When Enya suddenly appears on his doorstep, he sees an opportunity and seizes it, using the fairy rules against Enya so that she is forced to help him despite the problems that have arrived in her own life below the Earth’s surface.

Enya was finally finishing a three-month probation so generously given to her by the council as punishment for her aiding the humans, and life was extremely boring, so she took to checking in on Aiden through her race’s clever mirror technology and was given the honor of training a quiet new agent named Lonnit, but the mundanity ended there. One night, Enya’s new apartment was broken into by a pixie with plans to kidnap Enya. Enya escaped and fled to Reiche Mansion with hopes of hospitality, but instead she receives servitude and a cold.

With Enya’s trust in Aiden depleted, the relentless pixie still on her tail, malfunctioning magic, and Aiden’s mother’s mystery to solve…who is Viktor?

Published 2007

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