Pure Fyre

Gelyfed is blessed, and Gaernod is not. Eofyn is king, and Spyre is most certainly not. But when Spyre’s king threatens Eofyn’s kingdom and the source of its people’s power, Spyre finds that greatness has been thrust upon him no matter how much he’d love to send it back. He’s got a long journey ahead to save a kingdom that he’s sure will hate him, and he’s going up against his own people to do it.

Trust is not a value that is widely respected in Gaernod, but Spyre will have to rely on it to get him through the many realms of Curnen to Gelyfed, and, regrettably, beyond. And—hold on—did someone say dragons? The Fyre is going out. The crystals are fading. The dragons are coming. The king has fled. Only one thing is certain… Spyre did not sign up for this. KristaLyn A. Vetovich’s sweeping novel depicts the power of a dream.

Published 2012

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