The Resistance

ResistancelrgA melodramatic dictator from another dimension is coming to this world. She’s bringing an army, a plan, and…her worst enemy?

Reina and Braeden were born on the same day, at the same time. They come from opposite ends of the spectrum of their world, Braeden the spoiled son of the eccentric dictator Desdemona, and Reina the daughter of two humble members of the Resistance fighting a losing battle against Des’ control. A mild case of insanity led the members of the Resistance to declare Reina their Chosen One, and from then on she was trained to finish their war for them.

Over the next eighteen years Reina and Braeden, who was assigned to deal with the Resister nuisance by his mother played cat and mouse, dancing around the ultimate goal that was forced upon them: to destroy each other and decide the victor of the war that was already lost.

When Des decides to take her dominion to another dimension Reina is invited along for several reasons that Des keeps to herself. Not willing to allow another world to fall to dust, Reina accepts.

But what happens when Braeden decides to revolt in a spoiled act of rebellion against his mother, and an “Earth Two” family worms their way into Reina’s heart, will she be able to save them all?

Published 2010



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