October Full Moon & Scorpio Season

Now that the extensive retrograde season has finished, we are already refining the themes that have been prominent for us over the summer and are finally moving forward, beginning with the ambitious Full Moon in Aries on October 20th and the deeper work we are guided to explore during Scorpio Season, beginning October 23rd!

10/20 Full Moon in Aries (10:57AM)

This fiery full moon in Aries is helping us to find balance between our vision, our goals, and our ideals so we can move forward and make noticeable progress. It might be important to remember that not all progress happens externally. In fact, most sustainable change begins in our minds and our thoughts, so this moon is a great time to practice releasing and detachment from things that hold us back from seeing what lies on the horizon.

This is a great opportunity to purge your space, whether it’s your closet, your social media account, computer folders, or a room in your house, so you can make space for new inspiration and new resources to fill. Mercury and Saturn trine to offer constructive ideas and long-term, practicality even as Mars and Jupiter fill us with the urge to move forward as quickly as possible.

Affirmation: I move in joy toward a clear vision

Apply it: Release limiting beliefs about the world not wanting your art and expressions. Do what’s fun for you and imagine where it might take you.


  • Mars Square Pluto 10/21

10/23 Scorpio Season (12:51AM)

This month we may find ourselves turning inward as inherited beliefs make themselves known to be healed and resolved on an ancestral level. While the world is learning to connect with each other again in spite of differences unearthed by Pluto and Mars, Jupiter asks us to look further than ourselves and experience or imagine the situation from a point of view outside of our own.

It is always helpful to remember that we are all individuals, filling our space in the collective. You are who you are meant to be, as is the person next to you. If you find that someone else’s energy or lifestyle isn’t compatible with your own, allow them to be who they are elsewhere while you too find the place that is the best fit for you.

Affirmation: I am everything I’m meant to be here and now, and so are they. And it is good.

Apply it: Lean into self care and shadow work.


  • Mars enters Scorpio 10/30

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