October New Moon in Libra

10/6 - New Moon in Libra (7:05AM ET)

Where the Moon and Sun in Libra might normally ask nicely for us to draw a sense of balance and alignment into our lives, this one doesn’t look to be asking questions or permission before initiating action. For manifesting, this is a strong and powerful motivator, however it might be important to remember to witness your feelings and count to three before following any rash impulses.

The moment the New Moon becomes exact at around 7:05am ET also happens to be sunrise, meaning the Moon and the Sun will rise together that day, but they won’t be alone. Another perfecting aspect in the works in Mars exactly conjoining the Sun in what is known as Cazimi, or being in the heart of the Sun. This begins a new cycle for Mars’s orbit and an archetypal new beginning for the Martian themes in our lives as well. With Mars in Libra and in mutual reception with Venus in Scorpio, who also rules the New Moon chart, the idea of balancing what we want with who we are is a major theme for this moment and for this New Moon.

What does this look like in your life? Expect and allow for powerful breakthroughs that could help you overcome emotional wounds or even traumas, particularly from previous relationships. Also keep in mind, that everyone is feeling this powerful energy in their own way and while you are able to act consciously along with it, they may not be aware it and might react to it rather than align with it.

It may take a few months to see the full blossom of what you plant today, but rest assured you are making incredible progress in your own life and in your own way!

Be sure to check out my October 2021 New Moon Horoscopes for your Rising Sign on TikTok to see what area of life you might be feeling this New Moon!

Affirmation: I choose to see a balanced and vibrant world

Apply It: Self care, creative expression, find yourself, dress up as the person you see yourself as in your head.

Best times:

  • Tuesday Night

  • Sunrise Wednesday

  • Before 10PM Wednesday night


  • 10/6 Pluto Direct

  • 10/7 Venus enters Sag & Mars Cazimi

  • 10/10 Saturn Direct

  • 10/18 Jupiter Direct & Mercury Direct

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