September Full Moon & Autumn Equinox

9/20 Full Moon in Pisces (7:55PM ET)

Full Moon Affirmation: I release programs/beliefs/habits/vices that no longer serve my highest self.

This full moon in dreamy Pisces is ready to offer intense and deep emotional healing through the release of old habits and beliefs that no longer support the lifestyles we want to lead. With the Sun lingering in productive Virgo, we may feel a burst of energy to put toward active meditation like yoga, food prep, or changing our routines to support a more suitable lifestyle. The Piscean Moon trine the South Node eases the process of leaving old programs behind to follow more aligned interests in this unconscious, moving energy.

The drive to see things from an outside perspective or interact with others may also be strong as Mars and Mercury continue their journey through social Libra. It's possible that interactions with others expose some open emotional wounds that present themselves to be forgiven, healed, and released. As Mars offers the drive and desire to put the final pieces into place, we may finally view the past with an objective lens and detach from burdens we've carried to move forward with new wisdom and emotional maturity.

Venus in Scorpio seeks deeper meaning behind the relationships that Mars in Libra activates through their mutual reception. It might be helpful to understand that while we may be feeling philosophical with others in our lives. Surprising new revelations might be available if we allow ourselves to process our shadow work with the support of others who are prepared and willing to hold space with us.

If things feel overwhelming, it's a great time to nurture our spiritual selves, learning to accept change and transformation as we continue to navigate the next steps on our path. It might be easier than usual today to find clarity in our conversations and dialogues, both with ourselves and with others, possibly even from previous relationships.

Apply it: Quit a bad habit, replace it with a healthy one. Lean on a friend or partner for accountability and encouragement. Journal beliefs and pull them to release old programs

Additional Transits:

  • Mercury RX @ 25Libra29 - 10Libra8 from 9/27 - 10/18

  • (Pre-Shadow: 9/6 - 9/27; Post Shadow: 10/18 - 11/2)

9/22 Libra Season (3:21PM)

Affirmation: I move passionately toward my highest expression and recognize my ephemeral beauty inside and out

As the Autumn Equinox bringing balance between day and night, we are also noticing a rebalancing of our own relationships and sense of justice and value as Mercury continues its retrograde through the middle of October. It may not be a great time to make elaborate purchases, but it is a great time to lean into building our bonds with others on a foundation of trust and integrity.

With Mars near the Sun, our ambitions must be weighed with our priorities and perhaps wait their turn. In the meantime, it may be wise to commit our energy toward investigating and understanding our personal beliefs, ideals, and boundaries, which we can build upon when the energy is flowing again. Regardless of what others expected or thought of us before, we can give ourselves permission to be thoroughly and unapologetically true to ourselves, likely surprising ourselves with the new friends and connections we find support in once we are brave enough to follow through with what we know is right for us and what is aligned with our life missions.

Apply it: Define your aesthetic and make a vision board for your career and future self

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