Virgo New Moon 2021

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

As we slide into the pumpkin and apple spiced vibes of Fall, it's time to look ahead to the new season before us and decide how we want our Autumn to go. What do we want to feel more of in our lives? New Moons mark a two-week period of increasing energy, and this Virgo New Moon is ready to get down to business!

New Moon in Virgo: 9/6 @ 8:52PM

This new moon occurs at 14 degrees in Virgo, and in true Virgo spirit, it brings an energy of productivity, organization, and cultivation, particularly in the areas of our health and our daily work. Mars emphasizes the drive to accomplish our goals, however with Neptune in opposition to the Sun and Moon, we may not see immediate ways to manifest more aligned health and routines for ourselves Instead, it may be asking us to realize that change -- especially manifesting -- begins as an inward, spiritual journey.

Especially with Mercury Retrograde entering their pre-shadow phase from today until they station retrograde on the 27th, the focus may not be so much on physical, nutritional, or process-related goals as much as spiritual wellness, self-care, and meditative routines that support our long-term holistic health and mitigate stress where many of us have been overdoing it lately. Take note of the themes that emerge for you right now and be prepared to make slow and steady progress with patience and an eye for detail throughout the rest of the month!

The energy is ripe for organizing our thoughts and planning the best next steps, which is a crucial step in manifesting in and of itself: Visualization. With the expansive vision of Venus trine Jupiter, this lunation allows us to visualize what daily life will look and feel like when we are at our best holistic health with work/life balance included. This energy is great for beginning new routines, pivoting, and making changes to things that have run their course and need to be updated or adapted to match the progress we've made in our lives.

It might be easy to remain attached to comfortable routines, but Mars trine Pluto reminds us it's important to remember that just because something worked for a long time, does not mean it is still supporting our best interests. It isn't the routine that sustains us, but our own self-nurturing. And once we have nurtured ourselves into balance, we can begin to hold space and set positive examples for others.

In addition to calling new things in our lives, we may also be asked to make some difficult decisions for our highest and best interests. Certain attachments in our lives may fall away to make space for new growth, but we can cultivate our futures and create a life that aligns with our personal definitions of abundance, supporting the joy-filled life we all deserve to have in every moment.

Apply It

If you're excited to participate in this New Moon energy using practical, applicable methods, it's a perfect time to explore your personal beliefs and consider incorporating daily practices to support your spiritual wellness into your routine. You're off to a great start simply by honoring the energy of lunar cycles, but here's an additional affirmation to help you integrate the energy of this abundant New Moon:

Virgo New Moon Affirmation: I know change brings beauty, purpose, and healing.

Other Notable Transits

  • Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow 9/6-9/28

  • Venus Ingress Scorpio on 9/10

  • Mars Ingress Libra on 9/14

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